I keep learning what The Materialist Magician is about even though I wrote it. Numerous conscious and unconscious motivations and processes were involved. I have had an intense interest in how people change for decades. I have a personal interest (How can I change?) and a professional interest as a Clinical Psychologist (that is also very personal for me because I greatly desire to help my clients change).

For this book my interest in change as a follower of Jesus (aka a Christian) is foremost. I have done some reading and thinking about “spiritual formation.” I prefer to think of it as “human or personal formation.” Jesus, the eternal Word, did not become fully a human so that we could be freed from our humanity but that we might come to fullness of life in him as humans. He was not raised from the dead bodily so we could abandon our human form but that our human form could be redeemed and we could reach our God planned destiny—redeemed and consummated humans.

So, the book addresses how a very warped and mangled personality (aka me, you, and anyone) becomes human. More on that in the next blog. Cloyd Taylor 2/17/2015