Writing this story spurred an odyssey of exploration, in the story and personally. How does a winsome identity develop? How does one become an increasingly free and consistent person even throughout the unconscious?  When the writing and journey began I was clueless where it would lead. It led to dreams and intrusions of the unconscious into her life (and mine). We are oblivious how the hidden sways our lives. Ninety percent of an iceberg is hidden; most of my “self” is also. There is commerce between my conscious self and my far larger unconscious. I take wrong turns in living, wandering and meandering far off course. How can such a mass of contradictions form a coherent me? We steer a car through traffic, around curves and potholes, towards our desired destiny. We make continuous course corrections. How is my moment-by-moment-living steered to connect all that is truly me together? I’m a jumble of thoughts, emotions, desires, intents, and actions both deliberate and unconscious with miscellaneous bits and pieces of random and unclassified stuff mixed in. I’m a tad like that previous sentence. How is all “the mess that is me” forged into an alloy fit for living with love, joy, and wonder? It is beyond me.