Writing about the difficult and gradual transformation of the main character (the Materialist Magician herself) allowed me to address issues about change. The repetitive hardships of the daily grind, and striving to be faithful through them, are one of the great means for change. It is a daily opportunity to partner with God, the Holy Spirit, for the benefits God wants to grant. We have to pray, converse, commune, and rely on God continually. The everyday, routine, mundane efforts and failures, is where habits are formed that result in our character. We are not quite what we do; but our habits, especially the practice of our faith by which God leavens and flavors our life, become us. We have habits of will, emotion, thought, action, and faith. These are formed by practice and effort that is tempered and enriched by God. God forges us into an alloy of partnership with him. Much is formed in the crucible of our daily grind—if we are striving to be faithful to God.

“Prayer and fasting for Eve and by her, the embarrassing abundance of patience, forgiveness, and love showered on her by many during her first year of marriage help immeasurably—and not at all. Neither she nor the situation changes the first year.Despair grow, desperation deepens. She spirals into a black hole.” p. 264

“Eve knows in her depths that practicing spiritual disciplines and Biblical and theological knowledge benefits her little compared to her daily hardships. She knows relevant passages in the Bible and literature, but it is enduring the hardships that bit by bit reform her.” p. 272

Col. 3.17, 22-25 NRSV  And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.