The demons emptied her of all goodness, love, friendship, enjoyment, and infected good memories of her parents and twin brother with wounds and injuries they contrived and planted in her unconscious. She was a hollow person they punished and warped to desire power, domination, sexual gratification, fame and fortune to assuage the cold vacuum within. They trained her to crave only her own self and advancement but it was a deception to further their goals. She was they unwitting willful puppet. She believed she was fully in control, disbelieved in any power but her own—she became The Materialist Magician.

The demons had immunized her against any influence from God and any attraction to him. They carefully constructed armored layers of pride, vanity, and a need to be powerful and adored and trained her to have passions and desires antithetical to God, good, and humanity. She despised the weaknesses of humanity, virtue, and goodness and was intent on crushing it in herself. They provided her tools to magnify her power—tools whose use would increase their grip on her and domination of her.

But God used their tools against them to plant good seeds in her.

It is similarly on a far smaller scale for me—and you. We are in a battle. Rather, we are the prize of the battle. One side wants to consume us to nourish them; the other wants to fill us to nourish each of us to magnificent individuality—free, unique, and connected to others and the ultimate Other. The destroying side wants to limit our role and control us; the freeing side desires to free us to take a greater and greater role, an eternal one, in our co-creation. Our most weighty option is simply which side we elect—the battle continues.